What is Jojoba?

Namib Desert Jojoba Wüstenquell

“The liquid gold from the Namib Desert”

Namib Desert Jojoba Swakopmund


The Jojoba shrub

Jojobaoil is obtained from the desert bush.
The plant belongs to the carnation family and has many beneficial uses. In its natural habitat, the Sonora desert of California and Mexico, the multi-stemmed plant grows to a height of between 0,5m to 4.0m and can survive for up to 200 years. In the native language of the Tohono O Odham people, the plants are called “HoHo Ba”.

The Jojoba oil

IMG_1600 (3)The nut-like seeds are harvested, crushed and pressed to release the highly prized oil, which is actually a wax that is very similar to sperm whale oil, with many uses in cosmetic and industrial applications.

Jojoba wax contains mainly pro-vitamin A and vitamin E. Due to its beneficial fatty acid composition, it is ideally suited for all skin types, it has anti-inflammation properties and almost no scent. As a wax, it can be stored for years without turning rancid. It protects the skin from drying out and possesses a natural sun-block capacity.